cheap Solar Led Light Controller

MPPT1050-DCLiR is a sort of Street light solar charge controller.
MPPT1050-DCLiR is based on the technology of infrared automatic control products. When someone enters the induction range, the special sensors will detect the change of the human body infrared spectrum, then automatically connected to the load. If people don't leave the induction range, the light will be continuous light. When the person leaves, the load will be automatically turned off. MPPT1050-DCLiR is a really friendly and convenient, safe and energy-saving Street light solar charge controller.

The street light solar charge controller is fit for 12V system voltage, 10A maximum charging current, 60W maximum load power, Innovative MPPT technology, tracking efficiency >99%.
Full digital technology, high charge conversion efficiency Up to 96%, and discharge conversion efficiency up to 95.5%.
Self consumption: 6mA
Load output power: 1-60w, output voltage range: 20-45V, Load current setting range: 0.1-3.0A, Min working power: 0.3W (power reduction),Load current accuracy:±2%
Max Power of Solar panel: 100W (3 series)~120W(4series).
MPPT tracking range: (Battery voltage + 1V) ~ 0.9 * Voc
Max voltage of solar panel VOC: 45V
cheap Solar Led Light Controller