Azimuth Thruster

azimuth thruster range with contra-rotating propellers provide high propulsive efficiency and reduced vibration with shallow draught. Efficiency gains can be in the region of 10 – 15 per cent over conventional azimuth thrusters. The aft propeller regains some of the energy losses in the stream as well as significant rotational losses, therefore there is a lower installed power requirement that can release space on board and lowers fuel consumption.
Model variations
• Each unit custom designed to suit the vessel
• Select from a wide range of stem lengths
• Reduction ratios optimised for application

Working site:


After-sale service
Offer one-year quality warranty for system device. In the warranty period, if the equipment’s design or quality defect cause the device’s breakdown or damage, our company will supply “free warranty ”service, that is to say we supply maintenance service or exchange for assembly unit or the complete machine with no charge.
After the expiry of the warranty, we will supply “Product Service Life maintenance” service. Whatever the breakdown is, we will send professionals to maintain and debug it in time. If relevant parts need to be replaced, the owner should pay for the removable parts and the service fee of the maintenance technician/personnel.Azimuth Thruster